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Maple Bedroom Furniture

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maple bedroom furniture

Far so good.

The first time I painted it, By the way I painted it a blueish that coordinated with the blue in the drapery fabric…not an ideal choice.

Waaaaay consequently decided that blackish must be better color since the wicker chair in that room is already painted grey. Just think for a moment. I really like how these small changes have updated our bedroom. Seriously. I was thinking about buying furniture the other day, and And so it’s so funny to me that when I was making these purchases many years ago in my youth, I wanted furniture that looked mature, and now that I am …um…older,I need pieces that look younger and fresher.

maple bedroom furniture

Good thing I can be happy with merely changing out the hardware!

The domino effect is alive and well here again!

With that said, this time it has made its way into our master bedroom. Changing out furniture in our bedroom just wasn’t even something to consider, Know what, I was tired of the Queen Anne styling of most of the pieces in there…particularly this dresser and its attached mirror, there’re a few projects that we are working on around here that are big budget items. You should take it into account. Now you may not like the new look of it. Consequently, I really like it as long as the color of the hardware blends in with the wood, and it looks more modern to me, Surely it’s not historically accurate.

maple bedroom furniture

It’s what Lowes had in stock, and I didn’t need to spend the extra money on a special order, it probably would have looked better with larger sized pulls. We can live with this. Look, there’s still more for you to see. You remember when I showed you this birthday gift I received from my in laws, right? We purchased them over twenty years ago. So….this summer I decided that if I replaced the mirror with a more simply designed one, Actually I could live with it. I shopped and shopped and finally found one at Garden Ridge. Furthermore, the frame style was a perfect shape, and the price was not bad in general, it wasn’t beautiful.

I am all to familiar with that domino effect.

Our kitchen was one of those and since I painted the trim in there whitish, I felt I needed to continue and so that house is gradually getting all the trim painted white.

Now the cabinets in there don’t look the right color and I was preparing to leave them alone but…. I was married in 1983 and primitive and country was big. Anyways, we bought our bedroom set from Ethan Allen and And so it’s no longer manufactured It was the country craftsman collection. As you know pine is soft so it shows any ding and scratch, Know what guys, I still like it. Needless to say, I have considered painting it but thence I get tired thinking of all the work involved. A well-known fact that is. To be honest I would get the Quincy bed by Ethan Allen, if I were buying furniture today.

To be honest I wanted to be sure the size looked right above the dresser, the frame was a plastic faux wood, and I knew I wanted to paint it. My husband removed the other mirror, and hung the new one. For sure, if the dresser got new hardware, the highboy needed it By the way I am intending to show you the photograph of the new mirror again since the highboy is reflected in it, I forgot to take a before picture of it. See it there with its brass drawer pulls? Well, my motherinlaw searched a long time to find me a small wicker table. On p of this, I had been looking for one for the back porch. You should take this seriously. She found this one at LL Bean, and it did look good on the porch, but…it really looked good in place of the small stool I had by the chair in the master bedroom.

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