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Finding a Way to Get Cheap Office Furniture

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Cheap Office Furniture

Starting a business can be a very expensive business. Start up businesses, typically, end up having to spend about $30,000 to get things going. Take what it costs just to equip your new office with furniture and equipment – about $4000 is what most start ups spend. That’s more than 10% of their entire budget. If there were a way to buy cheap office furniture and equipment, shouldn’t they pick that way? Every dollar counts when you’re just starting up.

Let’s start with the most obvious way to get cheap office furniture and equipment – buying used. There’s a reason why used office furniture tends to be very cheap. It isn’t just that it is used; used cars aren’t that cheap. When it comes to office furniture, there’s no demand for used stuff. Start up businesses tend to really feel bad about how what they imagine will be outdated and sadooking stuff. And they also tend to be superstitious. What if the cheap office furniture that they get just came off a bankruptcy though? They don’t want to get those cooties on their business.

Of course, no one ever won in life or in business with this superstitious attitude. What’s important when you’re starting up is to conserve your resources as much as possible. Buying refurbished or buying used, could be an excellent idea. If you do get something out of another office that’s going under, you should jump for it. You’ll get nearly new furniture, it’ll be all up to date, and it will be cheap as dirt. If you really hate the idea of buying used, you could go with refurbished stuff. This is where stores repair merchandise that’s returned or damaged, and sell it as nearly new. It’s usually much cheaper.

Leases can be such a great idea for the short run. When it comes to leasing a car, they do advice you that it isn’t the most profitable way to go about your life. After paying a few hundred dollars for the car every month, when the lease is up, you just go park your car at the dealership and walk away without so much as a handshake. Everything that you’ve spent on the car up until that point is just gone. When you are a startup, you do need to think in the short term. Small startups need to conserve their money today.

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