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Decking Your Entire House Out in Console Tables

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Console tables

Console tables are kind of hard to define. We all know what they are, but they can be hard to pin down. Console tables can easily double as hall tables or side tables. For some reason though, they can never be end tables. You can leave them around the living room and call them sofa tables or even coffee tables, but they would never fit in a dining room. Basically, console tables are very versatile designs, except that there are certain rules about where you don’t put them.

Usually, console tables are about waist high, 2 feet wide and 4 feet long, and are rectangular in shape. On rare occasion though, you’ll find that they make these articles of furniture in different shapes – oval or crescent-shaped for instance. Most often, console tables are used to accent certain parts of the living room. Or they are used right next to the front door.

The front door table is a particularly useful one actually in most homes. When you come in the front door, you usually have something in your hands that you are anxious to set down somewhere. Even if all you have in your hands is a set of keys, to have a table right to set it down on can be a great idea.

As many uses as you may dream up for console tables around your home, you’ll probably find a unit somewhere that’s exactly right for every one of those uses. They make console tables in hundreds of designs and styles. The range of choice available is usually so deep that people even demand to buy units that match the kind of wood that’s on something nearby – a sofa or a door or window frame or something.

You will find console tables in every one of the popular woods and other materials. Oak, cherry, walnut, black ash and so on, are everywhere. But sometimes, you’ll find an unconventional console table design somewhere – like a glass and steel design for instance – that will inspire you to find a place for it that console tables aren’t usually used in. There are all kinds of places that you can experiment using these tables in.

You could put one in your study or in a sunroom, and they could hold your magazines or sunscreen or something. In your study, they could be a place to park the laptop and a bunch of books on. They wouldn’t be out of place in a bedroom, either. They could hold a lamp or two, a clock, your beauty products so on. It isn’t hard to picture just about any room in a home benefiting from a conveniently-placed table.


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