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Come in and talk to us totally free, no commitment suggestions and quotes. We likewise offer a determining service from Daval and Lawrence Walsh.

A letting company can help you discover lodging owned by a personal proprietor. Some will assist you merely to discover lodging, however many letting companies manage properties on behalf of a proprietor, which implies that you may have no direct contact with your proprietor.

If you do not know the identity of the property owner, you can write to the person who last gathered your lease, requesting for your proprietor’s full name and address. You should send this letter by taped delivery and keep a copy. This is a criminal offense if the individual to whom you have written does not reply within 21 days. You can notify the Tenancy Relations Officer of the local authority, who can prosecute the person who has actually failed to offer the info.

Your landlord has a right to affordable access to carry out repair works. What ‘affordable gain access to’ means depends on why your proprietor has to get access. For instance, in an emergency, your proprietor is entitled to instant access to perform any essential work.

If you need to discover your proprietor’s identity due to the fact that of an emergency, such as a burst pipe, it may be quicker to notify the local authority of the emergency. The regional authority has special powers to bring and enter out any needed work, and can take steps to learn who your landlord is in order to recover its expenses.

Your proprietor likewise has a right to go into the property to check the state of repair or to empty a fuel slot meter, but they must always ask for your authorization and needs to provide you a minimum of 24 hours notice. If you are staying in lodgings where it is agreed that your proprietor offers a room-cleaning service or where you share a space with other lodgers, your proprietor can go into without authorization.

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